Huracán is:
A thought provoking thriller, a deep dive into the mystery of severe mental illness
Authentic and visceral Mixed Martial Arts action
All set in the real Miami, primarily the culturally vibrant neighborhoods of Little Haiti, Pequeño Havana, and Overtown

Huracán is a psychological thriller about Alonso Santos, an aspiring MMA fighter who suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. Alonso starts court appointed therapy with pioneering but troubled psychologist, Dr. Villalobos, played brilliantly by Yara Martinez (Jane the Virgin). Through their sessions, Dr. Villalobos forces Alonso to dive deep into his traumatic childhood and uncover the nightmarish event that laid the foundation for his crippling mental illness. Simultaneously, Alonso pursues his one passion — making it as a professional MMA fighter. His coach, played by Muay Thai world champion Gregory Choplín, senses that unleashing Alonso’s vicious alter ego is the key to helping him succeed into the cutthroat sport of MMA, and pushes Alonso to embrace his condition as his greatest strength. Legendary UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal, also an Executive Producer on the film, plays Alonso’s final opponent, Cain Colón, in a film The New York Times has hailed as so captivating you “can’t stop watching.”


Alonso Santos / Huracán

Played by Cassius Corrigan

Alonso, a native of Miami and a product of the system, is an aspiring MMA fighter battling Dissociative Identity Disorder (better known as Multiple Personality Disorder). His only path to a productive life is through MMA, but it brings out his violent and reckless alternate personality, Huracán. Cassius makes his acting debut with this dual role.

Isabela Villalobos

Played by Yara Martinez

Isabela is a pioneering therapist working in the Miami Dade circuit court system, between the Juvenile and Criminal divisions. By administering the groundbreaking new therapy EMDR to Alonso, she hopes to heal a pain from her past. Bringing Isabela to life is Cuban actress Yara Martinez, beloved for her role as “Luisa” on the smash-hit show Jane the Virgin. Yara’s brilliant and layered performance elevates the movie to another level entirely.

Coach Antoine Kanté

Played by Gregory Choplin

Coach Kanté, a five time World Champion in Muay Thai, is now retired and runs his own MMA gym in Little Haiti, called KO Zone. His only goal is to breed champions, and he uses whatever means necessary to do so. Ruthless.

Cain Colón

Played by Jorge "Gamebred" Masvidal

Played by UFC superstar Jorge Masvidal, Cain Colón is the final opponent for Alonso, and a local legend MMA fighter who’s hit a skid in his career. Jorge’s involvement brings tremendous legitimacy and authenticity to the film, especially considering his background as a street fighter in Miami and now as the globally beloved BMF. Audiences worldwide are curious to see the project he makes his acting and Executive Producing debut in.

Manolo "Manny" Cruz

Played by Steven Spence

Manny was once Coach Kanté’s star prodigy, but a brutal knee injury prematurely ended his career. Now he works as Kanté’s assistant coach at KO Zone, and he becomes a hesitant mentor to Alonso, having seen the devastation that could come from following Coach’s advice.

Sylvia Santos

Played by Camila Rodriguez

Sylvia is Alonso’s mother, and will protect her son, no matter the cost. Actress Camila Rodríguez was working full time as a trauma nurse at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami when she auditioned for this role, and the film wouldn’t be what it is without her. A Colombian powerhouse, Camila makes her acting debut with this role, and absolutely knocks it out of the park with her soulful and heart wrenching performance.