the story of huracán


Huracán is a psychological drama about Alonso Santos, an aspiring mixed martial arts fighter struggling to make it as a professional, and suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder. It's a portrait of the desperation to succeed and the isolation that comes with tunnel vision -- an exploration of how much of yourself you're willing to sacrifice to achieve something that means everything to you. 

Alonso's court appointed therapist Isabela (Yara Martinez), and his MMA coach, Antoine Kanté (Gregory Choplin), guide him toward self-mastery and his professional career. Both of them insist that he must master himself before he can manifest his destiny. But first he has to come to understand his alternate personality, Huracán. And to do so, he must access the memory, hidden deep away in his psyche, of the nightmarish experience that caused his illness in the first place -- a brutally traumatizing event that occurred during his childhood. All the while, Kanté is guiding him through the amateur ranks towards a successful professional debut -- encouraging him to embrace his hostility and aggression, without necessarily understanding the horrifying depths of Huracán. Until one sweltering summer night when Huracán exacts a grisly revenge.

Beautiful and tragic, exhilarating and devastating. It is the story of a man born with a heavy burden to bear, saddled with a crippling illness, but fighting to summon the courage to confront his nightmare, and maximize what might be his only opportunity to prove that he’s special. That he has something meaningful to offer the world.